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What are web based applications?

There are many kinds of web application. Some are similar to applications you would run in the office like that described here. But there are other kinds that may be of use to you such as publishing (blog) or feedback applications that give people a chance to communicate with you in different ways. 

In a publishing application you decide what gets published and you have the option of gaining feedback from visitors to your site who are allowed to post a comment or response to what has been said in the original published article. You can also choose whether or not you want to publish the responses you get from your public. This is a new and challenging media for communication between you and your public. When handled with thought and care it can greatly increase your reputation in the marketplace. 

Forum applications have many possibilities. It can be used for discussions between you and/or your public on any number of topics falling into any number of classifications. It is common to see such forums used for technical support of one kind or another. A company selling security products could have such an application where there are sections on the major aspects of security. One such section might be alarm systems and within that section there could be topics on installation, maintenence, operation and many others. Even if the company didn't cover all the fields in the forums it could greatly benefit Fashionable replica watches market at unexpected discount with free michael kors outlet shipping.We are dedicated to providing the widest sac louis vuitton selection of replica watches at the most affordable prices .Welcome to buy top replica replica watch watches from our online store with free shipping and 100% satisfaction replica louis vuitton handbags guaranteed .We offer the hottest styles of replica watches ,First-class quality, perfect design. from providing it if it became a major site for information and problem solving in the field of security. As a source of such information it would attract many more visitors that if it were just a shopfront for a few security products.

As an example take a restaurant where the owner sincerely wants to know whether his customers really do like the food and service. When he walks around the tables and asks them they all say that everything is fine but then, being British, they would wouldn't they.

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If the restaurant has a web site it could include a feedback page that customers could use from home where they can be more honest. The feedback given need not be made public as the point of it is to inform the restaurant.

Another type of web application is the blog. This is like a publicly viewable page where the owner can publish articles or requests for comments on whatever he wants feedback on. The viewers of the page can then have the opportunity to respond to what he has written in the form of a comment about it. When managed well this can lead to a very worthwhile converstation taking place between a business and it's customers.



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