Are you able to share printers, internet connections, files and data with other people in your office, or people working from home or whilst on the road?

The benefits of a well set up and secured network can save you money and dramatically increase the speed at which things get done. It is possible for your network to be accessed securely by people working from home or in hotels or from a client's site.

Sharing an Internet connection

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Networking on the road or from home

It is possible to work from home, or from a hotel, and log in to your office network to retrieve files and do other things just as you would if working at the office. And it is possible to do this in a secure way.



Keeping all the work of the office secure

This means creating regular and reliable backups of all your work. There are three essential features of any good backup system;

1. That all the work that should be backed up is included.

2. That backups are held securely off site.

3. That backups do actually get made.


We offer solutions that cover all these points with ease and are easy to implement.








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