Are all your computers working as they should be?

Do any of them run slower than when you first got them? They may be infected with viruses or other unwanted programs. They may not be configured right. There is no reason why a correctly set up machine without unwanted programs should not run as fast as when first bought. Find out more here.



Are you able to share printers, internet connections, files and data with other people in your office, or people working from home or whilst on the road?

The benefits of a well set up and secured network can save you money and dramatically increase the speed at which things get done. It is possible for your network to be accessed securely by people working from home or in hotels or from a client's site. Find out more here.



Are you getting as much value from your IT investment as you should be?

Information technology is probably the most sophisticated range of tools ever devised. One relatively cheap computer can potentially perform thousands of tasks. Many aspects of business can benefit from this. Advances occur all the time. Some of those could make a huge difference while others will be a blind alley. As IT is our field we are constantly looking at new technology and evaluating it in the light of our clients' businesses. We are able to advise from a position of knowledge and experience that our clients come to value. Contact us to find out more.



Do you need technical help from someone who understands your business and technical requirements?

We have many years IT experience in many roles and in many types of businesses both small and very large. We understand what can be done with modern technology and, through consulation, we can know what it can do for business. We also understand it well enough to be able to explain it in non-technical terms. Contact us to find out more.



Do you or your staff need to access important information that can be trusted to be up to date and accurate even though it might be changed and added to by multiple users?

A well designed database application can speed up the day to day running of the business and provide important and timely information very quickly to anyone you authorise to access it, so that all concerned can know the current state of affairs and not be caught looking foolish because of outdated information. Find out more here.



Do you need to backup your data to keep it safe but don't know how to go about it?

If you had a fire in your office it would be a setback. If you lost all your client records and other data it would be a disaster from which the business might not recover. By implementing a policy of regular backups and using the appropriate technology you can save a lot of potential heartache. Contact us to find out more.




Can you access the information you need when out of the office?

An internet based application might help you to keep yourself and others up to date. Whilst email is very useful it is quite cumbersome and awkward when it comes to accessing information stored in a database or spreadsheet. Find out more here.



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